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Edge Design / About us


Created by Eisabeth Drielsma, a creative graphic designer with over 13 years' experience.

What  we do ?

EdgeDesign is specialised in graphic design and offers a wide range of visual communication solutions, such as, logos, visual identities, posters, brochures, folders, books, adverts, yearly reports, signs, packagings, promotional gifts, and Point of Sale material.


Our Philosophy ?   
EdgeDesign’s vision is to be an innovative, ambitious creative partner.
Our work is geared around your positioning, message and of course image.


How ?
We transform your needs into an idea, a concept and ultimately a brand.

Our expertise ?
Advisory services to “guide you”
Visual Identity creation to “differentiate you”
Graphic design to “support you”
Signs to “signal you”


EdgeDesign’s knowledge can be at your disposal at any stage of your project from the briefing to the execution, and by following it up with the help of our different partners.


EdgeDesign provides a tailor made service to each and every client.


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